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Grafik Architecture are delighted to announce gaining planning approval on behalf of Bloor Homes at Tamage Road, Acton - June 9, 2020

The proposed development is solely residential, consisting of 100 new dwellings ranging between 1 to 2 storeys in height.  There is a wide mix of units between 1 bed maisonettes and 4 bed houses.
The site is situated on the southern edge of Acton just north of Sudbury. Belonging to Acton Parish Council and Babergh District Council, the site is located approx. 3 miles away from Sudbury. Nearby settlements include Long Melford approx. 3 miles west, and Great Waldingfield, 1.5 mile east.
The layout of the scheme has been arranged around a central spine road and green spaces that create a sense of arrival and entises residents and visitors through the site.  The axis of this road runs parallel to Tamage Road and creates the opportunity for an outward looking scheme that is accessed by adoptable shared surfaces.  It also overlooks the existing hedgerow and trees around the site boundary, as well as the large areas of public open space to the west.
These areas of public open space can be seen from the entrance.  High quality hard and soft landscaping will be utilised throughout the site to produce a scheme that positively contributes to the surrounding area.