Middleton West, Milton Keynes

Location: Milton Keynes
Client: Crest Nicholson, South

Middleton West is part of a phased project within Oakgrove Village – a recently developed community in Milton Keynes

The design of the development was created to realise the opportunity to provide a highly attractive community in accordance with the September 2004 Oakgrove Millennium Community Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and the context of the site’s surrounding area.  In particular the design met the key aims and principles of the SPG by providing a neighbourhood with a strong sense of character and identity and a high quality environment with a range of dwelling types, sizes and tenures.

The layout was designed in accordance with the movement framework and landscape strategy whereby perimeter block development  front onto the access roads with internal home zone areas providing vehicular and pedestrian access through the site.  As such, this strengthens the divide between the public and private realm and fosters a sense of ownership over the communal areas.  Doors and windows also open onto the street encouraging activity and offering natural surveillance.

The massing and storey heights across the site was designed with the aim of ensuring that the development respects the existing properties fronting Noon Layer Drive to the north and the school boundary to the east.  The majority of properties across the site are set at two storeys with properties fronting the circus set at 2.5 storeys.  The apartment blocks located to the north east and north west fronting onto Noon Layer Drive are set at 3 storeys, forming landmark buildings.  The development therefore responds to the need to incorporate positive building frontages along key routes in addition to responding to neighbouring building heights.

The design of the development is built to Part M Building Regulations which required level access to properties to facilitate ease of movement.  Furthermore all homes are built to Lifetime Home Standards