Ferry Road, Felixstowe

Location: Felixstowe
Client: The Generator Group
Completion Date: Reserved Matters Approval - February 2017

Grafik were instructed by The Generator Group
to produce a Reserved Matters application for
the development at Ferry Road, Felixstowe.
Felixstowe is the largest town within the area
covered by Suffolk Coastal District Council.
The initial design of the proposed residential
scheme began with basic feasibility studies
to fully assess the form of housing layout that
best suited the site following a comprehensive
assessment of the opportunities and
constraints that the site had to offer.
From the very outset, the aim was to create
a new residential development that was
distinctive in its character.
An early decision was to place the public open
space (POS) right at the heart of the scheme,
at the end of a boulevard that would connect
the site entrance with the POS. The feeling of
openness upon arrival within the scheme was
an important design goal, as well as placing
the open space close to as many of the new
dwellings as possible to create a sense of
arrive with strong visual amenity.
Taking cues from the distinct building lines
of the surrounding streets, many of the new
dwellings are set back from the road by a
regular distance, with the majority of parking
placed between houses.
Within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
to the northeast of the site, the orientation,
scale and distance from the site boundary of
dwellings has been carefully considered.
A simple pallette of materials was chosen
to create a cohesive and distinctive
contemporary character for this new
development and this is combined with
elements of detailing that run as a unifying
grain through the scheme.
The proposed Ferry Road development is
solely residential, consisting of 197 dwellings,
including flats, bungalows and houses ranging
from 1 to 3 storeys.
The scheme achieved planning permission in
February 2017