Beeches Road, Chelmsford

Location: Chelmsford, Essex
Client: Linden Homes
Completion Date: Late 2016

Grafik were commissioned by Linden Homes Eastern to produce working drawings for 46 residential dwellings, with the new homes addressing Beeches Road with shallow depth, double frontage houses in a traditional style.

 However, within the development, deep floor plan homes designed around a central communal green, create a rhythm of villa style buildings in brick finish, with keynote buildings in render.

 The dwellings were designed to meet Lifetime Homes requirements, and Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 and therefore constructed using traditional materials.

 Our Client’s brief was to focus on landscaping elements of the design and as such the main open space within the site is centrally located for easy access by all the residents and is located at the end of the access road for legibility and to create a visual focus point for the development when entering the site. The visual focus is defined by a large, new decorative tree at the end of the access road, drawing focus into the site.

 The open space  serves as a multi-functional space with a central seating area, framed by formal, low-level Box hedging and additional shrub planting creating a relaxing environment for passive enjoyment. Adjacent to this hard landscaped seating area, is an area of amenity grass, defined by strategic pockets of decorative shrub planting, to create opportunity for active recreation. The open space is framed by a formal row of trees to define the space.

 Grafik worked extensively with the appointed Landscape Architect to ensure the principles of the approved design were maintained through the design and build process.

 This project was completed in late 2016.

Images from Linden Homes marketing literature.